Securus Technologies – The Change that the World Needs

Securus Technologies has been in existence since time immemorial. They have helped maintain safety and peace in the society. The company deals with high tech provision. No other firm has been able to take its position. This is because of its reliability, convenience, and excellent customer care services.

The Securus Technologies is responsible for the security of very many organizations and individuals. It takes care of more than 2600 correctional facilities, 3400 prominent firms, and more than a million inmates.

Firms that have enrolled with the company has seen a great change. They say that issues of hacking have come to an end. They explain that in the past, they have gone through major losses as a result of hacking. The hackers give options that are not worth risking. They threaten a lump sum of money for the data. They also threaten to sell the data to your competitors if you do not comply. This would have very serious consequences. It could lead to adverse losses or close down of the business. Securus Technologies have embedded the data of the firms, in a way that no one can access.

The correctional services have also come up with numerous gadgets that facilitate the prisoner’s life. Some devices help in detecting and tracing illegal substances in jail. These are things like drugs and phones. This helps to ensure that the reforming process is not interrupted.

It has also provided gadgets that ensure the jail activities are monitored and recorded. As a result, the bulling of new inmates have ceased. Any inmate or officer seen harassing other convicts is punished.

Inmates say that they are grateful for the changes that Securus Technologies have brought in the facilities. They say that they no longer live in fear of losing their lives.

Securus Technologies is what the world in general needs. With Securus Company, everyone is safe.


Bob Reina: He Sees Joy In Your Future

Bob Reina is the type of person that sees joy in the future of every single person that uses Talk Fusion. That is not just talk and that is not company speak to get people to join Talk Fusion. As a matter of fact, right now, Talk Fusion is offering 30-day free trials to new customers. This is just another example of Bob Reina giving back to people, which is something he has been known to do all of the time. After all, he made a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society that was simply incredible. Someone would have to be made of stone to not be moved by it.


This is all part of the plan that Bob Reina had in place when he started Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007. He is the founder and CEO of this video communications company. A little backstory on Bob Reina: he is a former police officer. Because of this, he knows all about people and all about what they are dealing with in the world today. He wants to make the world a better place and he has talked openly about being on a mission to change lives. If anyone has ever met Bob Reina, they know he is going to achieve that mission without any issues.


He changes lives through Talk Fusion, which allows people to start up, create, and own their own business. Talk Fusion gives them video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These video tools allow for people to connect with others from all over the world and let their product be seen by a number of eyes. Many people are probably familiar with the show “Shark Tank.” They don’t have to worry about that level of stress. They can pitch their company to as many people as possible. This is all positive and this is not some reality TV show.


Bob Reina focuses on the positive, and he focuses on what can be done in difficult situations. He has the answer, and the answer is Talk Fusion. It has worked miracles for a number of people out there.


Bridget Scarr and Creativity

An experienced executive producer, Bridget Scarr has worked in animation,content creation,drama, lifestyle, advertising, and television. After years of developing TV projects submitted by other people, she founded Colibri Studios in March of 2016. Based in London, Colibri gives her the opportunity to centralize her projects, which include digital content, virtual reality, and augmented reality. In addition to managing the day-to-day business of Colibri, Bridget is also a songwriter and singer. She is currently working on a novel and her first album. Bridget has a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes University, where she studied Dance Choreography and Design.

Bridget’s routine consists of daily mediation, and a three hour session in the morning where she works in her office on writing content and doing research. She makes it a point to have lunch with her family every day, before returning to the office to work on other projects.

At the moment she is developing an augmented reality series dealing with events in history that are told through stories of real people who were involved. The stories are in a narrative format with elements that are factual and scripted. This will give users a real understanding of different points in history. She believes it’s important that users gain an emotional interaction with the stories. Bridget is excited about how virtual reality technology can be used in education, health care, and in enabling users to have a tactile experience. This could be especially useful in museum exhibitions.

Bridget’s first business was Pollen Creative Media, that she worked with for seven years. The business was forced to close down due to financial issues, and some of the partners eventually left to start a rival company. She credits her family and her faith in God in helping her to deal with this experience. She also hopes to express her appreciation to the people who tried to help out.

Bridget Scarr believes that you must work every day to be more creative, find time to laugh, and get inspired. Opportunities must be made to let creative people thrive and express their talents. When asked what book she would recommend for people to read, it was “Destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind” by Davidji.


Connect with Bridget Scarr on LinkedIn.

Roberto Santiago Is a Transformational Leader

Roberto Santiago is a well-known businessperson who mainly invests in the Brazilian Mall business. One of the most famous malls owned by Roberto is the Manaira Shopping Mall. The above mall is rated as the most modern and state-of-the-art mall in Brazil; thus, it attracts many customers. Moreover, the mall supplies all products under one roof, a factor that makes it very appealing to the customers.

Roberto’s Studies

Roberto studied Business Administration at the Pio Marxists College. He later majored in finance at the University Center, which is located at Joao Pessoa. Roberto says that one of his largest lessons, while he was in school, was saving and reinvesting the cash. One can trace that factor in his businesses as he began with the Santa Rosa café and later used its savings to open a cartonnage company. Later Roberto used the savings from this manufacturing company to buy land and build Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto says that he does not consume the money that he makes from business; instead, he reinvests it. Additionally, he advises all business people and CEOs not to spend business profits advancing their personal lives. According to Roberto, the above only kills businesses.

Roberto’s Beliefs

Roberto also learned the importance of hard work in his school. One of his lecturers regularly said that money is earned through hard work. He asked his students who wished to go into business to make hard work their priority. Moreover, he asked them to work smart to rise to the top in their chosen fields. Working smart is achieved by investing in fields, which give high returns. According to Roberto, one can only know the fields by conducting appropriate market research and finding out, which gaps exist in the market. Once one establishes the gaps, they can then introduce products that fill the gaps.

Honesty is also a principle value that Roberto uses in his business ventures. He does not believe in overpricing his products to make high profits. Instead, he believes in covering his costs and making reasonable profits as he prices his products. Roberto’s priority as he conducts business is to serve the people as opposed to being profitable. Additionally, he is ethical in that he does not pursue his interests in the firm. Rather, he makes decisions based on the interests of all stakeholders. In the board meetings, Roberto tells his members that losing the trust of stakeholders means death to the business. As such, he asks them to look into the interest of all people and make sure they are addressed.

Lastly, Roberto is a transformational leader who values his employees irrespective of the positions they hold in the firm. He understands that all people are equal and their contributions are important.


The Good Work of Cotemar Mexico

There is a tremendous dependency on oil for people across the world. The world runs on fossil fuels. Yet there are few industries that are more unpredictable than the oil industry. It is full of political controversy on and dependent upon the reliability of companies. Now more than ever, the world is in need of professional companies that exhibit the necessary skills and ethics to serve the oil industry. In this case, Cotemar Mexico is the exemplar. For nearly four decades, they have developed their company into one of the leaders of the industry on, garnering the respect of the people for their moral stances and filled orders.

They Care About The Environment
One of the central reasons on that the oil industry is in the midst of political controversy is the fact that the earth is being depleted of natural resources. People are reflecting upon what sort of world they want to leave behind. They are concerned that they might leave a world that does not have enough fresh and purified water, therefore transforming even the most civilized nations into third-world, poverty-stricken countries. Cotemar Mexico is as concerned about the environment as everybody else. Essential to their mission is raising awareness about the necessity of good practices that positively affect the environment.

Employee Quality of Life
Working for an oil company sometimes has negative connotations. But Cotemar Mexico has broken that trend. After all, a good employee is one who is satisfied overall. She will be able to go home at night and bond with her family and enjoy her life. She will develop hobbies and be an active member of the community. That is what Cotemar Mexico offers at They believe that employee morale and happiness is an ingredient component of productivity. It will bring the most out in their employees.

A Reputation For Ethical Business Conduct
When a company has been around for nearly 40 years, there will always be opportunities to take advantage of others, especially new companies that are trying to find their place in the industry. That is why it is important to conduct business with companies that are of high moral repute. Cotemar Mexico has always exhibited the highest of business ethics, earning the respect of their colleagues and clients.

Companies such as Cotemar Mexico are unfortunately scarce. If more companies followed their model, the world would be characterized by honesty, professionalism, and efficiency.

Marc Sparks Encourages Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the past, it was the norm for people to seek jobs that they don’t like and settle for less. One of the ideas is that they find a job, settle down, and start a family. The life of the boss or the business owner was out of the cards for many people. This is at least what they were led to believe. One thing that is for certain is that a lot of these people try to keep this mindset alive.

When they run across someone that is working hard towards goals of being an entrepreneur. They will do whatever they can to shoot that down. However, the best thing for people to do is to not give in to these words. It is better to receive advice on how to move forward.

One of the sources of advice for people to seek out is Marc Sparks. He is someone that is very successful when it comes to being an entrepreneur. However, it is worth noting that the reason that he is so successful is because he has reached many obstacles. This is one of the reasons that he is able to write so much on what one can do to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Among the pieces of advice that he has for people deals with the type of people they come across that try to take them away from their goals. One thing that he would say is to ignore the naysayers. For one thing, each person has to walk his own journey.

One thing that could be said for him is that he has believed in his own journey and has trusted himself. Marc Sparks has then managed to bring forth a few successful businesses. Given that he has experienced success in bringing forth successful businesses, he also knows what it take to market a business and make it sell.

Life Lessons from Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a respected businessman and author who has transformed the lives of many people. He is also a great leader who leads by example. He is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as Timber Creek Capital. The reputable firm specializes in venture capital, and it also provides clients with startup funds.

The successful entrepreneur offers people valuable insights so that they can do well in life and business. When he is not working, he spends his time in philanthropic activities in the community. Here are some of the lessons people in business should learn from Marc Sparks:

Never underestimate the great power of a kind deed or word
Marc believes that all words and deeds are very significant to the recipient. It gives you a lot of joy and pride when you do something positive to other people.

Do not give self-pity an opportunity
Everyone has something that they want to change or improve about themselves. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Instead, use this energy to enhance and change the things you can. When you allow self- pity, you will not be able to do good things for you or the people around you.

Do not tell people that they look tired or depressed
When an individual has these feelings, the last thing they want to hear is someone explaining and reminding them of the painful truth. You can, however, do something to lift their spirits. Even the smallest gestures can mean a lot for an individual with low self-esteem.

Do not postpone joy
If you observe players in the field during a match, you will realize that they celebrate immediately they win, even if the game is not over. This should also be the case in real life situations. When you achieve an important thing in life, celebrate and start thinking about the other things you can do in future. After working hard to achieve something, it is only fair for you to celebrate and be happy. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so do not postpone the celebrations.

The power of forgiveness
Many people do not know the limitless power in forgiveness. Experts say that forgiveness is freedom. Individuals in the world do not do well because they do through the world while dragging the activities of the past along with them. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but people can change their attitudes towards these things. Your past will only have the power you give it, so forgive and move on to better things

Finding The Planner For Your Needs

An event planner can make holding any celebration easy for you and your guests. The planner can take care of all of the small details that you might be worried about, giving you time to spend with family and friends so that you can enjoy the event. There are a few tips that you can follow when it comes to hiring a planner so that you get the best one possible.

Many people think that finding an event planner should be done based on how much money you have to spend, but it should really be done based on the kind of event that you’re planning. Some work best with weddings while others work better with birthday parties or anniversaries. Find out what the event planner is good at before selecting the first one you talk to as you might find someone a little more qualified for the job.

What specific services do you need help with? Make a list for the planner to follow. This will decrease the time spent in planning for areas of the event that could be spent doing something else that is productive. You also need to determine if the planner will be needed at the event or if you can get by with remote services if they are offered.

Figure out a budget that you have to work with, and if you find a planner that is a little more expensive than you can afford but you enjoy the services that are offered, consider scaling back on some of the things that you need help with. You can always ask friends and family to help so that you get the planner you want.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in New York that helps with everything from wedding receptions to birthday parties. The company has access to some of the largest vendors in the world, giving you access to musicians, caterers and more companies that can make your event a success. All of the details can be handled by Twenty Three Layers so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

George Soros on the Election

The election in the United States is one of the biggest political events in the world. Every four years, the people of the United States elect a new President to lead them. This year, the election was very tense. There were two candidates who many people did not like, and Donald Trump ended up winning the election in a massive upset. George Soros was backing Hillary Clinton, and he had a lot to say on the subject. He is never afraid to speak up when he thinks that things are going to get bad in the economy overall. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people are going to have to get used to.

George Soros

From the time he was young, George Soros has always been interested in the finance industry. He moved to England from a poor country in Europe, and he worked diligently to get through school. He worked his way up in the finance industry, and he has used that knowledge and experience to make predictions on the overall market for many years. Over time, he has a really good track record when it comes to predicting the market. If you want to invest for the future, George Soros is a great person to follow. He does not agree with everyone when it comes to politics, but he is great at predicting future market changes on Before investing in the market, reading George Soros and his thoughts is essential.

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With the election in the United States, there are a lot of changes that are coming to the economy. If you want to invest for the future, you need to find domestic stocks that have made sense over time. There is currently a rally in domestic based stocks after Donald Trump’s victory on Over the long term, it remains to be seen if these trends will last. It looks like the market is starting to realize that things could really change in Washington. If The United States can start to grow again, the sky is the limit for the economy.

Future Plans

In the future, a lot of people are looking to make money with their investments. George Soros is a financial and political expert, and he is concerned about the overall direction of the economy. If you want to follow someone who has a lot of financial thoughts, he is a great person to go to. He is never afraid to speak his opinion when it is not popular among the other experts. Instead of worrying about the future, it makes more sense to adjust your portfolio based on market conditions. See:

Standing for the Oppressed with Thor Halvorssen

A man who refers to himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be called a conservative liberal has seen all the world of dictatorship has to offer. He has been on the forefront against human oppression and dictatorial regimes for some while. The man been referred here is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor was born 40 years ago in Venezuela before fleeing to the United States of America many years later. Other than fighting for human rights and democracy, he is a film producer. He is well known for Human Rights Foundation as well as the Oslo Freedom Movement. Currently, Thor Halvorssen is based in New York, New York and is the Chairman of Human Rights Foundation.

In the year 2010, Thor Halvorssen was at the receiving end of the Vietnamese government when he was caught filming secretly in the country. He has gone to Vietnam with his cameraman to document events about a banned church movement in Hon Chi Minh City.

He was detained in the country and was released after he convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist seeker. He believes in doing more than talking about human rights. Instead, one ought to get down and gets hands dirty fighting for the rights of the people. Thor Halvorssen says he love people and humanity. What he loves more is the people who stand up for their rights and speaks out against oppression.

Thor Halvorssen was born in a royal family. His father descended from a Norwegian king while his mother was from the family of the first president of Venezuela. Things got difficult when Thor Halvorssen exposed corruption in the Venezuelan government.

For this reason, his first cousin is in jail in Venezuela for opposing the government. According to Crunchbase, When Thor Halvorssenexposed this corruption, his father was detained and tortured to reveal some information about him and how he had obtained the corruption documents. Read more: Thor Halvorseen | LinkedIn

On the other hand, his mom was shot and killed in an anti-government protest in the country. As the leader of the Human Right Funds, Thor Halvorssen has worked with other prominent human right activists from other parts of the world such as Garry Kasparov and Vaclav Havel.