Securus Technologies Introduces New Application

Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies that offer communication services to correctional facilities in the United States. Not long ago, the company announced that it was going to introduce Inmate Forms and Grievance on ConnectUs, an application that will help the inmates to save money and time.
According to the vice president of the company, Securus has always been committed to provide better and new technology to its clients. The new application on ConnectUs will be just one of the projects that the company is starting to modernize its services. At the end of the day, the company wants to ensure that they use the best technology.
Most correctional facilities in the country prefer to use the paper forms for different requests from the inmates. They are mostly used to requests such as medical, grievances, sign up forms and handbook acceptance forms. The people in charge of the facilities are forced to spend a lot of time collecting, distributing, logging, routing, responding, copying, archiving, filing and even storing forms.
Using the new application, any type of requests will be created and even made available to the inmates without any difficulties. If a form needs to be changed, it will only take several minutes, and there will be no need to print the requests. The forms from the application will make everything easy for the people in the prisons.
The inmates are not the only people who will benefit from the new application. The nurses and other care givers will also perform their duties easily, thanks to the technology used in the application. The inmates will receive better serves when the new application starts being used.
Securus Technologies has introduced some of the best services to inmates since it was founded several years ago. The company is headquartered in Texas, and it serves over three thousand correctional facilities in the country. At the moment, over one million inmates enjoy the services offered by the company.

Nutrimost Weight Loss

Nutrimost is suing their rival Healthy Living for what they feel was theft. Healthy Living recently ran a promotional video that mirrored one previously released by Nutrimost, leading many to suspect that the new video stole from the old.

The new promotional video, which was posted to Healthy Living’s website, allegedly stole the video from the Nutrimost site itself. The only difference between the two videos is that any time Nutrimost is referenced, Healthy Living replaced it with its new “Can’t Lose Diet”. Versions of the video have been kept and presented as evidence to the Manhattan Federal Court that is currently overseeing the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is led by testimonials from Nutrimost customers as well as the founder Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

In addition, there are blatant points in the Healthy Living video where they failed to even edit out the name of the Nutrimost product. For example, both videos reference something called NRF, an acronym that stands for Nutrimost Resonant Frequency.

NRF is a new technology developed by Nutrimost that is meant to target hunger and diet loss. Eventually, those on the diet of Nutrimost are estimated to painlessly lose up to 45 pounds in 40 days. Healthy Living, of course, has no comparable product called NRF. This makes the blatant plagiarism obvious.

Even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter, Healthy Living continued to use the video promoting Nutrimost products under the label of Healthy Living. Eventually, they did replace the video with a shorter version. Unfortunately, this shorter version was still clearly lifted from Nutrimost, only for a shorter time.

Since the beginning of the lawsuit, Healthy Living has removed the video from their website. Nutrimost is suing the company to both prevent them from posting any more illegal content and pay for the damages caused by the actions of Healthy Living.

$300,000 is requested for theft and damage to the Nutrimost name.

Wisniewski labels Nutrimost as pastoral medicine. In essence, he works to combine scriptural wisdom with cutting edge science to produce an effective cure for obesity.

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