Cumulative Growth Effect of Wikipedia Edits

It has been noted that every month over 80000 volunteers donate their precious time and outstanding talents to edit a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that enables people find information on anything they would like to. Unlike professional writers and journalists, these Wikipedia editors and writers work for no pay without clear authority lines drawn to their actions. Additionally, in the case of an acknowledgement, they are also buried layers deeper within the Wikipedia. According to Wikimedia Foundation a parent to Wikipedia, there has been an increase in the number of Wikipedia revisions made to articles and registered users in Wikipedia. This is a clear indication of writer’s efforts to ensure articles are published in different versions apart from English.

Two researchers Aleksi Aoletonen, a professor at Warwick Business School and Stephan Seiler who is an economist and associate marketing professor at Stanford Graduate Business School were intrigued by the Wikipedia’s unlikely nature of its inability to pay the efforts of writers and editors who keep the Wikipedia up to date. According to their research, Wiki edits act as magnets that tend to attract other potential editors and so this contributes to the numerous edits made from time to time. More often, nonprofit organizations and companies rely on the traffic they receive when the make a Wikipedia page, store and share their knowledge thus contributing to their reputation. This can also be applied in other platforms that use the same online software as Wikipedia.

Merits From Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is one of the most powerful tools for marketing that a company or an individual can consider when it comes to building reputation. Having your name and your brand’s name on Wikipedia is very beneficial because you have a great opportunity to make changes as well as create a post for your biography, brand and business as well. Additionally, it adds high levels of authenticity, credibility and prestige to your persona and business. These benefits are endless and promising to greater returns. It is therefore important to seek a company with experienced professionals to help you update and create the right image for you in Wikipedia.

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