Roberto Santiago Is a Transformational Leader

Roberto Santiago is a well-known businessperson who mainly invests in the Brazilian Mall business. One of the most famous malls owned by Roberto is the Manaira Shopping Mall. The above mall is rated as the most modern and state-of-the-art mall in Brazil; thus, it attracts many customers. Moreover, the mall supplies all products under one roof, a factor that makes it very appealing to the customers.

Roberto’s Studies

Roberto studied Business Administration at the Pio Marxists College. He later majored in finance at the University Center, which is located at Joao Pessoa. Roberto says that one of his largest lessons, while he was in school, was saving and reinvesting the cash. One can trace that factor in his businesses as he began with the Santa Rosa café and later used its savings to open a cartonnage company. Later Roberto used the savings from this manufacturing company to buy land and build Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto says that he does not consume the money that he makes from business; instead, he reinvests it. Additionally, he advises all business people and CEOs not to spend business profits advancing their personal lives. According to Roberto, the above only kills businesses.

Roberto’s Beliefs

Roberto also learned the importance of hard work in his school. One of his lecturers regularly said that money is earned through hard work. He asked his students who wished to go into business to make hard work their priority. Moreover, he asked them to work smart to rise to the top in their chosen fields. Working smart is achieved by investing in fields, which give high returns. According to Roberto, one can only know the fields by conducting appropriate market research and finding out, which gaps exist in the market. Once one establishes the gaps, they can then introduce products that fill the gaps.

Honesty is also a principle value that Roberto uses in his business ventures. He does not believe in overpricing his products to make high profits. Instead, he believes in covering his costs and making reasonable profits as he prices his products. Roberto’s priority as he conducts business is to serve the people as opposed to being profitable. Additionally, he is ethical in that he does not pursue his interests in the firm. Rather, he makes decisions based on the interests of all stakeholders. In the board meetings, Roberto tells his members that losing the trust of stakeholders means death to the business. As such, he asks them to look into the interest of all people and make sure they are addressed.

Lastly, Roberto is a transformational leader who values his employees irrespective of the positions they hold in the firm. He understands that all people are equal and their contributions are important.