Life Lessons from Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a respected businessman and author who has transformed the lives of many people. He is also a great leader who leads by example. He is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as Timber Creek Capital. The reputable firm specializes in venture capital, and it also provides clients with startup funds.

The successful entrepreneur offers people valuable insights so that they can do well in life and business. When he is not working, he spends his time in philanthropic activities in the community. Here are some of the lessons people in business should learn from Marc Sparks:

Never underestimate the great power of a kind deed or word
Marc believes that all words and deeds are very significant to the recipient. It gives you a lot of joy and pride when you do something positive to other people.

Do not give self-pity an opportunity
Everyone has something that they want to change or improve about themselves. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Instead, use this energy to enhance and change the things you can. When you allow self- pity, you will not be able to do good things for you or the people around you.

Do not tell people that they look tired or depressed
When an individual has these feelings, the last thing they want to hear is someone explaining and reminding them of the painful truth. You can, however, do something to lift their spirits. Even the smallest gestures can mean a lot for an individual with low self-esteem.

Do not postpone joy
If you observe players in the field during a match, you will realize that they celebrate immediately they win, even if the game is not over. This should also be the case in real life situations. When you achieve an important thing in life, celebrate and start thinking about the other things you can do in future. After working hard to achieve something, it is only fair for you to celebrate and be happy. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so do not postpone the celebrations.

The power of forgiveness
Many people do not know the limitless power in forgiveness. Experts say that forgiveness is freedom. Individuals in the world do not do well because they do through the world while dragging the activities of the past along with them. Whatever has happened cannot be changed, but people can change their attitudes towards these things. Your past will only have the power you give it, so forgive and move on to better things