Eric Pulier Has Had A History for Success in Business

Eric Pulier is a well-known business leader and entrepreneur within the United States. On top of this he has also spent a lot of time on philanthropic work, and has even found time to become an author. Eric started very young, showing off his talent with technology. He was already working on computers by the time he was 10 years old. Today, he has founded more than a dozen companies, and holds many successes on his resume.

Eric’s history with technology and entrepreneurship starts back from when he was in elementary school. At this time he was already working with computers and learning how to encode, which lead him to starting up his own computer database business when he was in high school. After finishing off his schooling in New Jersey, Eric Pulier went on to attend Harvard University, where he earned degrees in American Literature and English. He managed to graduate with honors and found work right out of his university.

Once his education was complete, Eric wanted to move to California, which he did in 1991. This is where he started up his company, People Doing Things, which was focused on healthcare and education through technology. The company found success rather quickly as well. With this success, Eric went on to found Digital Evolution, which ended up merging with US Interactive and being highly successful.

Eric has always stopped and taken the time to get involved with humanitarian projects as well, to help out the communities on a global level. He has been one of the key contributors to the development of Starbright World, a social network organization that is dedicated to helping young kids deal with their chronic illnesses. This gives these kids who are bed ridden or disabled a chance to enjoy themselves and have fun with other kids.

Today, this is what Eric is all about. He has supported many causes and non-profit organizations all around the world. He even participated in US Doctors for Africa to help make medical advancements.

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