Ricardo Tosto’s Contribution to the Brazilian Legal System

Brazilian lawyers have played a huge role in making sure that everybody in the community receives justice. They offer their assistance to issues such as personal injury, divorce or accidents. To be a practicing lawyer in Brazil, one ought to have a degree in law from an institution certified by the National Commission. Law students should also have an experience in the law field. Such an experience is gained through internships at several institutions, firms, and corporations practicing law. At the end stage of being a working lawyer in the country is through passing Brazilian law examinations.


The legal profession in the country are under the Order of Attorneys who regulate law practice in the country. Law graduates have to register with the organization before practicing law. The Order of Attorneys, abbreviated as OAB, is headquartered in the Brasilia Federal District. Today the company has registered close to 1 million lawyers. The Federal Constitution in Brazil’s supreme law has been in operation since October 1988.


Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer that has played a significant role in the Brazilian law. He founded a law company with the title Tosto e Barros Advogados. The company has been in operation for more than 22 years, offering services to banking, credit recovery, and international law. The company has ventured to other sections of law such as corporate restructuring, civil and commercial litigation and M&A.


Mr. Tosto has a solid education in law; he graduate from the University of Presbiteriana with an additional course in Business Administration. He is today a member of multiple law firms, the Brazilian Bar Association and the International Bar Association. Tosto assisted in the finding of Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law. He is also an established author who has written multiple articles and reviews published in different journals.


Ricardo Tosto is highly famous for his representations in multiple legal circuits. His clientele range from the affluent people in the society to multinational companies and large corporations. Mr. Tosto continues to offer exemplary services to firms and institutions.